Danielle PRAY



Thank you Amherst residents for placing your trust in me in 2021.

I am now running for re-election as an Amherst Selectman in 2024 and look forward to serving you again over the next 3 years.




Danielle Pray

Hello, my name is Danielle Pray and I am running for re-election as selectman. During the past 3 years of service, I have taken an active role in the governance of town, increasing transparency, advocating to keep taxes lower and making our Town better overall.

Most of a Selectman's duties entail budgeting priorities and I have advocated for prudent fiscal town spending. I have also been cognizant of the need to balance the fiscal needs of our elderly/blind/disabled residents.

Some of the other initiatives that I have accomplished include: created and implemented town newsletter, now in its 13th month. Placing signage of important dates and events in front of town hall. Served on benefits committee to evaluate current employee benefits to find better options for town employees and better costs savings for the town. Researched options for cell phone coverage in the village currently exploring this opportunity. Updating town fiscal policies - Investment Policy, more to come. 

I feel extremely fortunate to call Amherst my home. We are 13 year residents of Amherst and searched all over New England to find this little corner of the world. My family consists of my husband Steven along with our two children. Steven and I strongly believe in serving our community and both of us are active in local organizations which serve a variety of citizens. 

Since 2014, I have been involved in participating in town and local activities and served on several town committees and boards. This involvement has provided me with a solid and well-grounded foundation. This experience includes:

My background and education is in the law and legal fields. I hold  B.A., J.D. and LL.M. degrees and have over 20+ years of legal experience. My knowledge of legal procedure, terminology, and laws and statutes has proved to be an asset on the Board of Selectman. 

While serving as Selectman, I have advanced my knowledge and experience in municipal government by attending trainings and learning events available to me. These include: 

I will continue to network and advance my skills and experience which have proven to be invaluable to me in serving the Town of Amherst.

I will continue to work hard for our community 

in the following areas:

" Dedicated to serving our community!"